pp non woven bags

Dec 05, 2017

pp non woven bags

Non-woven bag is a kind of green product, tough and durable, beautiful appearance, good air permeability,
can be reused, washing, printing advertising, shipping marks, long service life, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising,
gifts with. Consumers at the same time shopping and get a beautiful non-woven bag, and businesses in order to get invisible advertising,
the best of both worlds, so non-woven fabrics in the market more and more popular!

The main material of non-woven fabric bags is non-woven fabrics. Nonwoven fabric is a kind of nonwoven fabric.
It is made of polymers, chips, short fibers or filaments, and has a soft, breathable and flat structure formed by various fiber
forming methods and consolidation techniques. Advantages: non-woven bags, cheap, environmentally friendly, practical,
widely used, there are prominent advertising positions. Applicable to all types of business activities and exhibition fairs,
enterprises and institutions is ideal advertising, promotional gifts, gifts

Non-woven cloth is not cloth? Why is it called "non-woven fabric"?
The raw material of non-woven fabric is polypropylene, and the raw material of plastic bag is polyethylene. The two substances,
though similar in name, are far different in chemical structure. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene has very strong stability,
extremely difficult to degrade, so the plastic bag needs 300 years before the completion of the decomposition; chemical structure of
polypropylene is not solid, the molecular chain is easily broken, which can be effectively degraded, and enter the environmental
cycle the next step in a non-toxic form. Non-woven bags in 90 days can be completely decomposed.

The use of non-woven bag:
Non-woven bag: once as a member of plastic bags in the alliance, has proposed to reduce the use of non-woven bags
have provided the use of plastic bags to the relevant government departments, the government formally promulgated
the "ban" non-woven bag rapid popularization.

Usage classification:
Depending on the product's use, it can be divided into:
1,non-woven bags series: non-woven fabrics, environmental protection bags, non-woven bags, non-woven shopping bags, etc..
2, non-woven bags series: non-woven fabrics, file bags, environmentally-friendly shopping bags, bags, non-woven bags.
3, non-woven products series: non-woven fabric storage box, non-woven fabric storage box, non-woven fabric suit cover - non-woven fabric suit.
4, jewelry bag series: drawstring bag bag bag bag, jewelry, perfume bags and other accessories. 5, apron series: advertising aprons,
aprons, polyester cotton apron, PVC apron, hanging apron.